November 29, 2015

Adios, Señora Celebrating the Life and Career of Sharon Moran

Words cannot express the immense loss to the Golda Och community; Señora Moran was one of the most remarkable people Golda Och students had the privilege of knowing. While still mourning, however, the students that loved and ap­preciated her so dearly are keeping her vivacious spirit and positive attitude in mind and are celebrating her life.

Señora Moran loved her job and her students fervently. She was so devoted to doing whatever it took to make sure her students got the best educa­tion, and had fun while doing it.

“Señora Moran truly cared about us,” senior An­drew Schwartz said. “She helped us revise our es­says until they were perfect.”

Whether it was salsa dancing in class, watching videos of Enrique Iglesias, or just having conversa­tions in Spanish, Señora Moran made the class ex­citing and lively. In her sophomore class last year, they even choreographed and filmed a music video to “Vamos a la Playa.”

“There was never a dull moment with Señora Moran,” junior Mattan Poller said.

When her students were having a bad day, run down from stress and struggling to keep an optimis­tic outlook, they could walk into Señora Moran’s classroom and likely couldn’t help but grin. There she was, with “happy pills” – candy – in hand, ready to affect all with her infectious smile and sparkling eyes.

“Señora Moran was a positive force who always managed to lighten the room with her presence,” se­nior Jacob Gutstein said.

When there was a rattling behind you, you knew that it was Señora Moran coming, pushing her trusty cart and impeccably dressed, as always. She walked through the halls with a spring in her step, always eager to get to her next class, waving and exclaim­ing “Hola!” to whomever she passed.

“Every time I saw her in the hall, even months after not having her, she would come to me with her arms open exclaiming ‘Alejandro!,’” sophomore Alex Beigelman said.

When Señora Moran wasn’t teaching or helping her students, she could be found onstage, singing and dancing her heart out; she was a thespian, and a great one at that.

Moran performed in plays her whole life. She founded and served as the artistic director of the Rockaway Townsquare Players & Playhouse and was the co-creator and president of the Traveling Stage Company, which performed Moran’s one-act plays at various New Jersey venues. She even wrote a book called “Daughters of Destiny” that included plays about great women in history.

Perhaps the reason Señora Moran loved per­forming so much was the effect her acting had on the audience. She loved bringing joy to people and accomplished that through her performances.Our school witnessed her talents in the Purim Shpiel years ago, which she both produced and starred in. Señora Moran even brought her love of dancing into her classes.

“Señora taught us to salsa dance and even called the principal in to watch us,” sophomore Rachel Berger said. “She was so proud of our special salsa skills.”

I had the privilege of having Señora Moran as my teacher twice, in eighth grade and as a senior and I have learned a lot from my time in her classroom, much of which transcends academics. Yes, I have learned how to conjugate verbs and how to have the correct accent, but, more importantly, I now under­stand how to be a good, selfless person. Señora Mo­ran was always giving, whether it was extra help or an extra big hug. She helped others every day of her life and is even doing so in her death, as according to her husband, she has donated her body to science and will be saving lives.

Señora Moran was not only an amazing teach­er and gifted performer, but also a loving mother and wife. Our heart goes out to Mr. Moran and his sons during this difficult time. Although their loss is great, perhaps they can be comforted knowing they are not alone as they grieve, as Señora Moran was part of the Golda Och family, as well. She was an irreplaceable member of the school and her extraor­dinary presence will be greatly missed.

Señora Moran served as a role model for the type of person we should all strive to be. She was smart, energetic, loving and compassionate. She meant so much to our community, as a leader, teacher, salsa-dancing-connoisseur, role model, actress, and most of all, friend.

Adios, Señora; you will be deeply missed.

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