November 30, 2015

GOA Faculty's Favorite Turkey Day Memories

Matan Kogen, '18

“When I was a wee young man, my family used to go with another family down to Nags Head, North Carolina for every Thanksgiving. One year, we had filled the car to the brim because there were so many of us. It was so crowded that we had to tie the turkey to the roof. That weekend, it happened to be particularly cold. We got down to North Carolina, settled in the house, and realized the turkey was frozen solid from being on the roof of the car. It took us the entire weekend to defrost it! It wasn’t ready until the Monday after Thanksgiving. Sadly, we didn’t have turkey that weekend, but we had a good story to tell, spent lots of time playing games and having fun waiting for the turkey to not defrost.”

“We always, always, always go to my aunt’s house in Princeton for Thanksgiving and we get there early to hang out while they’re cooking the turkey. One particular year, they were trying a new method of cooking the turkey. They were trying to cook it in a, um, sort of Moroccan style in a terrain or something like that, and it wasn’t working out. We were sitting outside the kitchen and all we could hear was cursing. My aunt and uncle were really cursing at each other. It brought out the worst in them, but once we all sat down, we had a great time.”

“It’s special to get together with the family and we’re always happy to see that people are coming from all over the state to our house. Our favorite thing on Thanksgiving is the food. Most people cook the whole turkey together, but in my house, we chop it up and then we put it in the oven with different kinds of sauces. People who come to my house always expect the same kind of turkey you’d get anywhere else. They are surprised by how different our turkey is, but they always love it in the end.”

“A funny Thanksgiving memory? What? I don’t have one. I really can’t remember any funny ones. That’s sad.

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