November 29, 2015

New Art Room a Calm and Creative Haven For GOA Artists

Alissa Lampert, '18

One of the great additions to come from the construction of the Dr. Lynne B. Harrison STEM building is the brand new expanded art room, which provides a creative and calming experience for students.
The newer, larger art room, which occupies what used to be Rooms 205 and 206, is one of several additions to GOA that came with the STEM Center. It was built over the summer and completed just in time for use at the beginning of the school year.
Now that the facility is up and running, students and teachers are able to take advantage of the improved space for the visual arts. Students can explore the room during lunch, elective classes and free periods, using new tools to heighten their art skills.
Art teacher Ms. Watson is enthusiastic about the improvements to the room.
“We have new and exciting equipment with which to work— easels, a pottery wheel, new track lighting and so much more equipment,” she said.
Students also appreciate the materials now available to them. Sophomore Carly Mast noted that the art room has “more space, more art supplies, movable tables and many more improvements.”
Mast especially likes the improved table set-up, which creates the atmosphere of a college art class.
“In my 2D art class, we often move the tables into a circle with something that we are drawing in the middle,” she said. “In my opinion it feels more professional.”
The one common critique of the art room is its lack of color, but students are already hoping to brighten up the room themselves.
“Although the grey walls seemed a little dull, especially for an art class,” sophomore Lara Brown described, “I could already picture how the room would look when it was filled with color and student projects.”
Despite the opportunities it provides for students already involved in visual arts, some doubt that the art room will attract previously unengaged students.
When asked about how she feels this room will encourage more students to explore visual art, Brown responded, “I honestly do not think that the room alone will put that much more emphasis on the arts. The main reason for renovating the art room was to make room for the STEM building.
“I think that the STEM program offers a connection to the arts, if our school is willing to make that connection.”
Ms. Watson, however, offered a different point of view.
“I think the very concept that so much money and resources for our new art room were raised indicates that, in fact, we do have a very supportive school community and administration.”
As art classes begin, students are exploring each new aspect of the art room. Projects range from 2D-art, where students draw models of different parts of the human skeleton, to the design and illustration class, where students design elaborate cakes for a vintage bakery.
Outside of class, the new tools available to the middle and high school play set crews will allow for a much livelier, more engaging set that will excite the audience and cast members alike.
The new art room offers unprecedented opportunities for students to create advanced visual arts projects in classes, clubs and shows. The facility is becoming more popular every day, allowing the GOA community to enjoy the arts more than ever before.

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