November 29, 2015

Welcome to the NEW Israel Section

Aryeh Lande, '18 - Israel Politics Editor

For years, the Israel section of The Flame has functioned as a pro-Israel summary of the news that reflects the current mainstream views of the school community. While this has served a nice role, giving us what we wish to read, it is not always the healthiest for our community. We at The Flame firmly believe that a newspaper should be devoted to journalistic neutrality and integrity. That is why the Israel section this year will present a broader spectrum of valid beliefs and opinions, without bias.
The Flame will feature provocative, and sometimes controversial, pieces aimed at prodding the reader to think. We at The Flame hope this approach will help our community’s understanding of Israel to grow. This section will attempt to provide the environment for individuals to see the news through new lenses and gain a better grasp on the issues at hand. We are not here to mold and shape your opinions, but rather to present the news in a factual manner to allow the community to form their own opinions.

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