December 23, 2015

Countless Students Offended by Language Arts Teacher’s Cruel and Unusual Behavior

Countless Students Offended by Language Arts Teacher’s Cruel and Unusual Behavior
Eran Shapiro ‘18
On June 26, 2016, GOA Language Arts teacher Mr. Hefetz, will be marrying his fiancee in the presence of his friends and family, but not his students. No, Mr. Hefetz gleefully and willfully chose to disregard the feelings of his hardworking students and elected not to invite any of them, even his favorites.
“This is a very touchy subject for me you know,” said sophomore Faye Hochberg.
“[Mr. Hefetz] and I we go way back. The fact that I wasn’t invited… it’s just very upsetting. I just hope we can remain friends and that if he is my teacher in the future it won’t be awkward.”
Some students were very critical of Mr. Hefetz’s character.
“I think that that’s really rude,” sophomore Carly Mast exclaimed.
Fellow sophomore Jessie Ruchman, chimed in, saying she feels “very disappointed, because as a student I feel that I have impacted Mr. Hefetz in a very positive way. And you usually invite people to your wedding when you are close family or friend, so...”
Not all students were in an uproar, however, and some even seemed to understand.
“I don’t really care; I’m not gonna lie,” said sophomore Yonatan Arieh. “It’s not my business to get into other people’s business.”
While the unsurprised students were definitely the minority, an even smaller minority are comprised of students that are convinced they are still attending.
“I am invited.” said senior Jonathan Lavitsky.
As he thought this statement over and realized the painful truth he swore, “I am going anyway.”
It seems confusion and heartbreak are running through the halls of GOA. The students just want an answer from Mr. Hefetz: Why are we not good enough?
The lesson to take away from all of this is that even if you think you know and love someone, they will undoubtedly shame you publicly and scar you forever.


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