December 23, 2015

Feature: Nina Robins

Feature: Nina Robins
Maya Wasserman ‘19
The link between tennis and the Bible often goes completely unnoticed; however, there in black-and-white, it is written, “And Joseph served in Pharaoh's court.” GOA freshman Nina Robins, though, doesn’t just know about this link; she is living it.
A student at GOA since kindergarten, Robins has many loves – hanging out with friends, swimming and playing piano and trumpet, to name a few – but playing tennis is tops. She is widely recognized for her accomplishments as a key member of the girls varsity tennis team, which went undefeated in divisional play this year and will be moved up a division for the 2016-17 season.
“The team is super ­welcoming and everyone is so friendly,” Robins said. “The coach is so amazing!”
Among her accomplishments is her second-place finish in the Country Tournament. Robins attributes her success to her competitive nature and passion for the sport, alongside the support from her family and coaches.
“I played really well in my semi­final match so I was pumped going into the final, and it was an honor to play Stephanie [Schrage], so I just decided to have fun with it,” Robins said, remaining true to her “live in the moment” mantra.
Interestingly enough, this teen who excels at an individual sport loves the communal aspects of Judaism.
“I’ve grown so attached to Judaism through my exposure,” she said.
Robins expressed her favorite Jewish custom is Havdallah or anything involving a big group because she “like[s] the enthusiasm” and enjoy’s Judaism’s focus on community, taking action and being surrounded by outgoing people who are willing to help.
Given her strong stance on communal activities, Robins feels Tefillah at GOA needs to be more communal so students can bond with those outside of their “cliques.” She believes that praying in larger groups will build more enthusiasm toward prayer.
Robins reads Torah and is actively involved in United Synagogue Youth on both the chapter and regional level. She credits this to the immersion in Jewish life from her family; they go synagogue every Shabbat and chose GOA as well as Ramah in her early years. She imagines herself an observant Jewish adult, having been positively impacted by the Conservative Jewish Movement.
Robins also aspires to be an anthropologist and study Jewish archaeology, infusing Jewish ideology into her studies.
Robins would clearly be right at home in Pharoah’s “court.” Her practicality and sense of community would have been a great asset to Joseph’s rationing squad.

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