December 22, 2015

Finding Neverland Together

Finding Neverland Together
Jordan Mayor ‘18

Seventeen Golda Och Academy sophomores joined Mexican exchange students from CIM-ORT, a Jewish day school located in Mexico City, on a November 17 trip to New York City to see the new Broadway hit Finding Neverland.
The show is a twist on the traditional Peter Pan story, providing insight into the life of J. M. Barrie, who wrote Peter Pan. In Finding Neverland, Barrie meets a group of rowdy young boys and their recently widowed mother. The boys and their mother have a profound impact on Barrie, an experience that ultimately leads him to writing Peter Pan.
Scenes throughout the show allude to parts of the Peter Pan story, since they gave Barrie the inspiration for his tale. For instance, the boys Barrie begins to dearly love pretend to be pirates and Indians, two integral sets of characters in Peter Pan.
Most of the Mexican students had never seen a Broadway show before, but every single one of them enjoyed the experience.
“I always thought that theater was boring,” said Eyal Punksy, one of the Mexican students, “but this was very cool and entertaining. I wasn’t bored at all.”
Punsky also detailed that, although the storyline and script were intriguing, he thought the best part of the show was the special effects.
The sophomores from Golda Och, though more critical of the show than their Mexican counterparts, also reacted to the theatergoing experience positively.
Though sophomore Sam Russo felt that Finding Neverland’s storyline was “bland and boring,” he agreed with Punsky that the special effects were fantastic. Russo was especially impressed by the finale, which included a dazzling light show, vibrations that could be felt throughout the entire theater and Tinker Bell’s tornado-esque “magic dust.” Russo added that the underdeveloped plot was offset by the effects and overall he truly enjoyed the show.
Sophomore Jessie Ruchman expressed her discontent with the first act of Finding Neverland, which she thought was far less interesting than the second. She did, however, still enjoy the first act and encourages everyone to see it when they have the opportunity.

Despite minor complaints about the show itself, it is clear that the GOA and CIM-ORT sophomores considered Finding Neverland a fun and worthwhile experience.


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