December 22, 2015

Home for Break?

Home for Break?
Sam Zimerman ‘17

            With winter break swiftly approaching, many people find themselves stuck inside because of the cold.
This year, GOA is closed from December 24 through the fourth of January, when it reopens. I was curious about how people beat the boredom of being stuck inside, so I asked around to see what everyone has planned to do during their time off.
Many people, myself included, noted that binge-watching our favorite shows on Netflix was one way to deal with having nothing to do.
“I love winter break because it gives me a chance to relax,” junior Matthew Leeds said. “I get to take time to be surrounded by the holiday season and watch my favorite TV shows, like Limitless.”
Rabbi Kavon confided in me that during the long winter days he enjoys perusing through his large collection of Middle-Eastern films.
As I continued my search to find out just what to do to avoid being bored, I began to notice a good mix of activities. From the active to the scarily lethargic, everyone found ways to have fun. Playing card games with their families, sledding, skiing and making hot chocolate were just a few of the things that came up when discussing time off with friends.
Winter break is a good time to relax, but it can also be a good time to pick up a new hobby.
I had an idea that if you were able to take a day to focus, you could learn something new and I decided to put my theory to the test. When I was little, I was always fascinated by my dad’s ability to juggle and wanted to learn how, but never had the drive to try. During last year’s break, I decided I would commit to learning to juggle and so I spent a day practicing and watching videos online. At the end of the day, I found that I was able to do it!

If you have the time to learn a new skill, or try something new, take the opportunity during the break to learn it. Relax and have fun. You can start a new TV show, or you can just hang out. The break is a time to refuel and spend time with your family. Having the time to do what you want is what it’s all about. Enjoy your break!

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