December 23, 2015

Survey: Fairness of Amount of Each Class

Survey: Fairness of Amount of Each Class
Jessie Ruchman ‘18
Many students struggle to complete schoolwork due to the daily repetition of classes. One method of combatting this problem is utilizing a block schedule, which allows several days to complete work before the next class meeting. The efficiency of the block schedule at GOA, however, is still up for debate.
GOA students have a 10-day block schedule, where the number each class repeats during the block schedule differs depending on the courses the student takes as well as their grade. While each student has a different schedule, many have similar opinions on whether a block schedule is beneficial and whether the system is fairly structured.
Nine of 10 students polled responded that they should have more math and science classes per block, and fewer Judaic classes.
“We have our Judaic electives almost every day, but the classes that have much more work we only have a few times a week,” said freshman Aaron Lavitsky. “It would be so much better if we had more math and science classes so that our teachers would have more time to explain the material, and so we could spread out the work for the class instead of getting it all at once”.
While most freshmen had similar opinions on the topic, sophomores polled had a slightly different argument. These students believed there should be more core classes and an equal amount of each. Some sophomores elaborated, arguing that, while the idea of having more than one day to complete work is, in theory, effective, it is in fact inadequate.
“It is unfair to have a class four days in a row while other classes are spread out throughout the block,” said sophomore Samantha Glennon. “It gets confusing to keep track of when homework is due when all of our classes have different time between them.
“There is either too much time in between classes or not enough time. If each class was evenly spread out, students would be able to manage their time.”
Senior Veronica Slater, in her fourth year of block schedules, added an upperclassman perspective. Unlike the students in the other grades, she feels that the number of each class is fair, yet math should appear more frequently while Judaic electives should appear less frequently.
Although students across these grades believe math should occur more frequently, this issue is nonexistent for GOA’s juniors; most juniors have math four consecutive days per week. Although admittedly somewhat indifferent, junior Alex Brodsky pointed out that the amount of times he has math in a block is slightly excessive.

While it is almost impossible to please every student in a high school, this much is abundantly clear: GOA’s student body would prefer a more equal distribution of classes per block.

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