December 22, 2015

The Craftiest Club Around

The Craftiest Club Around
Sam Zimerman ‘17

Cookies, cider and metallic paint are just a few of the staples of GOA’s new Art Club.
For the first time ever, GOA is offering students an opportunity to pursue the visual arts outside of the classroom. The Art Club, led by Ms. Watson, made its debut this year as a recess activity that meets every Wednesday in the new and improved art room.
“Electives aren’t enough for kids interested in specializing in the fine arts,” reflected sophomore Maya Freedman, “and so having the Arts Club is a great addition to the school to help people hone their skills.”
Each week, the club receives project guidelines from Ms. Watson and each club member works on his or her own interpretation of the piece. For example, the club is currently working on a hamsa project, a continuation of its successful Sips and Strokes event. These chamsas are personalized by each artist and will soon be displayed around the school. They will surely be a treat for those who are bored of the traditional hallway walls.
With her artistic and teaching experience, Ms. Watson is an integral component of the club.
“She is the best,” lauded Freedman. “She can come up with specific projects to accommodate everyone’s needs and work with whatever medium they are comfortable with.”
Most importantly, though, Art Club is about each student having fun and creating beautiful art at his or her own pace. Every club member enjoys individual attention and a chance to flourish. Even though students work individually, they are all supportive of one another, helping each other through artistic obstacles.

With many enthusiastic members and upcoming projects, Art Club has made a strong showing during its first few months, and invites every high school student to visit the art room to see the club in action. After all, Art Club’s future is brighter than all of the yellow paint in the world.


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