December 22, 2015

The Perfect Way to Spend a Snow Day

The Perfect Way to Spend a Snow Day
Rachel Berger ‘18

When you check the weather to find that there’s a possibility for some snow, all you can do is pray for a snow day.
You go about doing all the pre-snow day rituals, hoping that they will somehow increase your chances of having heavier snow. Whether you put a spoon under your pillow, or wear your pajamas inside out, you’re dying to get that day off from school, no matter how desperate it may seem. Then, finally, the best feeling in the world is to get that wake up phone call from the school announcing that there is a “weather inconvenience,” making you feel that all your efforts helped. Now that you’ve earned that snow day, here are a few suggestions to make your day spectacular.

  1. Nothing beats drinking hot chocolate and roasting marshmallows, so go grab a blanket and start making those yummy treats!
  2. Cuddle up on your couch in your fuzziest pajamas and watch a movie that you’ve been dying to see.
  3. Snow days are always best when spent with friends, so plan some fun outdoor, or indoor activities to do with them.
  4. Go take advantage of the snow outside and build a fort, have a snowball fight with your siblings or maybe even dump some snow on dad! Make the best out of the cold weather.
  5. Have a board game marathon with your family and friends! This is a warm and fun-filled activity that’ll create a bunch of hilarious memories.  
  6. To end off your day, sit by the fire and relax, enjoy this time of year.
  7. And last but not least, don’t spend your day off in your room doing homework, Have fun! 

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