February 25, 2016

Midterms: Let’s Talk About Them

Rachel Berger ‘18

When the month of January comes around, students at GOA and across the country begin to prepare for their midterm exams. Depending on the student, there are many mixed feelings to the slightest sound of the word, but the two feelings that seem to stand out are anxiety and excitement. Although these feelings are polar opposites, they both capture the two different opinions felt in the school.
On January 25, students were no longer able to receive anymore homework or assessments assigned until after midterms were completed. For the students who like midterms, this plays a huge role in their positive view of the exams.
Sophomore Jordan Mayor explained that having no homework is the exact reason he does not mind midterms and, if anything, enjoys them. He said that he loves school, learning and being with his friends all day long, but the one downside is that once he is home he still has work to do.
“When it is midterms that is not the case,” Mayor said. “I don’t have to endure the negative element of school: homework.”
Other students shared Mayor’s opinion, but of those people, most viewed the true highlight of midterms to be the off-campus privileges, which are otherwise only offered to seniors.
“It’s just enjoyable to have a break during school in which we can be independent and go get food with our friends,” said sophomore Eran Shapiro as he shared his fond memories of trips to Dunkin’ Donuts during midterms.
Shapiro was not alone in this opinion, as freshman Dana Bluevise stated her fellow ninth graders, who have yet to experience off-campus privileges, look forward to midterms.
This is not the only part of midterms on freshman's’ minds, though.
“I'm a little nervous because they are really long tests and I never experienced or taken such long tests before, especially in a row,” said Maddie Herman. “I also know that they don't account for much of my semester grade, but I am still stressed because it requires a lot of studying.”
Hermann added that being new to high school and a heavier workload already creates stress for freshman and felt that midterms definitely do not help relieve the stress.

Of course, with anything, there are always positive and negative opinions on the subject matter. Midterms are known to help students retain information because they then need to know material for more than just one assessment. The long tests have the ability to help prepare students and accustom them to the SAT and the ACT they will be taking in the near future.


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