February 25, 2016

The Long-Reaching Effects of Donald Trump’s Attitude

Dina Doctoroff ‘18

Presidential candidate Donald Trump has been known for saying controversial things and stirring the pot, but as of late, his words have had a harmful effect on Americans. His racist, sexist and otherwise horrible statements have opened the floodgates for other racists and sexists to voice their previously unstated opinions.
For example, Trump said, “When Mexico sends its people, they’re not sending their best. They’re sending people that have lots of problems. They’re bringing drugs. They’re bringing crime. They’re rapists.”
This bigoted and racist generalization of Mexicans has led those that share Trump’s views to chime in with their thoughts, and sometimes actions, as well.
For instance, on August 19, two Boston brothers attacked and urinated on a homeless Mexican man and specifically cited Trump as their inspiration.
Trump’s supporters who share his views are only motivated by one thing:­ hate. Since they now have a catalyst for their hate, they are able to take action and cause harm to minorities, in addition to verbally attacking them.
Some, like sophomore Alissa Lampert, would go so far as to say that Trump uses rhetoric in a way that is similar to Adolf Hitler. Lampert said that while Hitler said Jews were the problem and were inherently evil, Trump says that all Mexicans are the cause of our problems and that Muslims are out to destroy the United States.
Lampert said that, although the actions of people “inspired by Trump” are terrible, what is also terrible is Trump’s response to them. Instead of condemning the actions, Trump commends them; he says that they are “passionate and are doing what they love for their country,” which only gives them more incentive to continue committing hate crimes.
Sophomore Moshe Karlin said that if Trump is not punished for what he says and does, the issues that occur because of him are bound to occur repeatedly. Karlin added that if this hateful and terrible behavior goes on long enough, there is no telling what harmful effects America will have to deal with.
Plainly put, Trump is a bigot who is indifferent to other people’s struggles and viewpoints. But it doesn’t stop at him. His blatant sharing of opinions causes other bigoted people to do terrible things, thinking that it is acceptable for them to do so.
Perhaps sophomore Uri Meltzer put it best: ­ “He’s a jerk.”

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