November 4, 2016

Ms. Schibener Takes the Stage!

Shifra Zuckerman ‘18

Originally striving to become a journalist, Ms. Wendy Schibener decided at the last minute to follow her true passion and love: performing arts.
When Schibener started college at Bucknell University in Pennsylvania, she was heavily involved in the theater program. However, she did not acknowledge that she wanted to pursue acting professionally until her senior year in college.
Schibener always had a love for the theater. Starting way back in kindergarten as the Baby Bird who couldn’t fly, through high school and still to this day. She starred in a number of high school productions including playing Glinda in The Wizard of Oz, The Dumb Blonde Stepsister in Cinderella, Wendy Joe in Footloose and the Best Friend in Bye Bye Birdie.
Schibener is inspired by iconic actors such as Spalding Gray, Rachel McAdams and Tom Hanks who are believed to be flexible performers that she likes to take after.
“I believe a true actor is someone who is versatile,” Schibener said. “Someone who is capable of playing many parts, a good collaborator and adaptable.”
Through many performances over the years, she has had some interesting experiences working on the shows.
“I played Veronica in the production of Veronica’s Room,” Schibener explained. “I died in the show and the man in charge of lifting me off stage banged my head on the set’s door really hard. It was beyond painful but I had to play dead, so I could not scream in agony even though I felt the golf ball sized lump growing by the second.”
After graduating Bucknell with a bachelor's in Theater and English, Schibener went on to receive her MSA in Theater at Sarah Lawrence College in New York. Years later, she has helped direct multiple productions at Bucks County Playhouse, taught as a movement and voice professor at the County College of Morris and found her way to GOA.
Recently, Schibener finished directing her first GOA performance of Romeo and Juliet.
“The production was so much fun,” Schibener said. “It was kind of scary coming right into the show not knowing the students, their skill levels and having everyone cast already. However, the cast was so welcoming, talented and Mr. Herskowitz was so great to work with which made the production a blast.”
Today, Schibener continues to act in her free time. She also has an original theater company in the works by the name of Hundredth Monkey Theater Collective. When Schibener is not on stage, she can be found playing with her pets, painting, decorating cakes, or making YouTube videos (channel: Wendy Schibener).

Golda Och Academy is beyond thrilled to have such a talented, hard working and caring teacher join the faculty. We look forward to getting to know Ms. Schibener even better over the years to come.


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