December 27, 2016

Be All that You Can Be – And Maybe a Little Bit More!

Dr. Lynne B. Harrison

As I write this, just yesterday I watched a video that went viral.
A high school girl was lined up with her soccer team, ready to sing the Star Spangled Banner and begin the game. Something went wrong with the recording of the national anthem. From the stands, the girl’s mom called to her to lead the singing – HaShem blessed her with a beautiful voice. Sometimes mother does know best!
The girl held back, but her teammates joined in urging her and she sang. It was a memorable moment. In an interview, she said that she is shy and that she had come there to play soccer, but gave in to the encouragement. Her beautiful voice helped provide an awesome start to the game.
You each have an attribute. I know that all of you work hard to do the work that GOA gives you: your secular studies, your Jewish studies and perhaps your club work, too. I encourage you, though, to think about adding another dimension to your life and to who you are.
As an example, imagine you see a traffic accident. For sure, calling 9-1-1 and getting the first responders there is urgent. What’s traffic like? How soon will the EMT squad get there? No one would ever fault you if you stood by passively, but you could have equipped yourself to help save a life. Maybe take the time from texting and instead learn how to do CPR and how to apply pressure points or a makeshift tourniquet to stop bleeding.
Do you love the water and watersports? Have you taught yourself how to tie all the knots used in ships? Who knows when a “sheepshank” knot might make a huge difference? Right now, as you are reading this, take a moment and stare off into space. What could you learn, in the next month, that would perhaps someday make an important difference?
What far-out interests do you have? With what can you equip yourself to do your part in “saving the world?” Some day, in some way, you may have the privilege of being heroic.

Be all that you can be – and maybe a little bit more!


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