February 5, 2017

Love for Our Maintenance Team

Rebecca Landau ‘18

The maintenance team at Golda Och Academy hold a special place in each student's heart. Bonding with them in the hallways is not an uncommon occurrence. Whether it is asking how our days went or shooting hoops with us during practice, the maintenance team play a key role in keeping a smile on the student’s faces throughout each treacherous day.
“They always ask me how my day is and it makes me feel like they care,” junior Lizzie Irwin said.
It is this compassion that allows each student to feel that they have a friend in the maintenance team.
“I love Yohannes because I can always count on him for a smile to brighten up my day,” junior Sarah Cehelyk said.
In addition to Yohannes’ kindness, he has also stepped up in the classroom. Some students may recall when he would make an appearance in sixth grade classrooms to teach about his Ethiopian heritage . Allowing us to learn about who he is truly creates a deeper bond that cannot not be found at many schools.
Another great way to bond with the maintenance crew is through sports. Marshall, one of the amazing maintenance team, often shows up on the basketball court to show off his skills.
“Whenever Marshall comes to play basketball, he wipes the floor clean with us,” freshman Ally Landau said.
His playful attitude always helps to soften the blow of an embarrassing defeat. Showing such great support for the school’s teams really displays a level of commitment to the school.
There’s also Gregory. When asked if he had time for an interview, he was sorry to say that he unfortunately had too many tasks on his play to take a break. His non-stop working makes sure that GOA remains clean, despite the mess that the students make.
But the everyday maintenance team can’t do it all by themselves. If anyone has ever stayed late after school, you can see more cleaning crew members making sure that we all have a fresh school to return to in the morning.
Cleaning up after so many kids cannot be easy, but they all take it in stride.
The overwhelming love for the maintenance team is clear to see whenever a student’s face lights up as a maintenance man walks by. While they may not go unappreciated, their work may be underrated at times. So next time you see a maintenance man in the hallways, make sure to say “thank you” and let them know how much we appreciate all that they do.

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