March 12, 2017

Yalla Bye

Annie Cannon ‘17

As the lockers slam shut and a new mural joins the collection on the walls, the GOA Class of 2017 is beginning the new adventures of Neshama and internships. However, as they eagerly jump into these exciting, new experiences, they cannot help but look back at their amazing years at GOA with a smile.
Known as the grade that could never win a Spirit Week competition, the Class of 2017 is actually a grade of many talents.
The senior class boasted incredible athletes in cross country, girls and boys volleyball, girls and boys soccer, swimming, girls and boys basketball and girls lacrosse. Aside from their amazing skills, the seniors were true leaders on their teams, serving as captains and role models.
The Class of 2017 was also very involved in STEM activities, with dedicated members of the CodeRunners and the Science Olympiad team.
The senior class contributed greatly to the Arts Department as well. With many talented actors and singers, this year’s seniors were featured in theatrical productions throughout high school, often playing principal roles. The Class of 2017 also played an instrumental role in the backstage and stage management crews in many productions, dedicating their time to costume, hair and makeup crew, house management, set crew and props mastery. Many were talented musicians that lent their talents to the pit band and Shul of Rock, or just entertained their classmates during lunch and free time. The senior class was also very involved in choir, with a strong group of 12 senior choir members always ready to serenade their classmates and served as section leaders and choir board members. Additionally, the Class of 2017 had representation on the Arts Council, planning Arts in Action night and serving the GOA community.
A truly passionate grade, the Class of 2017 had many trailblazers in the area of student activities, with many students leading and founding clubs and chugim. Throughout their time in high school, members of this year’s graduating class founded Tabletop Gaming Chug, Board Games Club, Sign Language Chug, Military Awareness Club and the Breast Cancer Awareness Club. The Class of 2017 could always be found in student activity meetings, whether with the Community Clothing Club, the Science Enrichment Club, the Current Events Club, NHS, Student Council, or Israel Club. Seniors truly put their argumentative skills to use, with many joining Model United Nations and Mock Trial. A grade with many passionate writers, the class of 2017 had many participants in The Flame as well as Nuts ‘n Raisins.
Whether they've been at GOA since pre-k or ninth grade, the Class of 2017 has loved their experiences at GOA. They are extremely grateful for the amazing opportunities and experiences that GOA has given them and look forward to the new adventure that the second semester brings.

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