June 9, 2017

Ball is Life, Especially For Ball Brothers Lonzo, Liangelo and Lamelo

Jake Kroll ‘20

The Ball brothers – Lamelo, Liangelo and UCLA point guard and projected 2017 lottery pick Lonzo – are three brothers that have taken over high school and college basketball; however, will they live up to their expectations in the NBA?
The NBA is a whole other game. A player can dominate through high school and college and then be a mediocre NBA player. That said, while in the comparatively lower stakes worlds of high school and college basketball, the Ball brothers have been setting records.
The eldest brother, Lonzo, finished his freshman year at UCLA and is likely to be taken within the top three of this June’s NBA Draft. He is a great all-around point guard, putting up 14.7 points per game and 7.6 assists.
Lonzo’s statistics may make NBA executives salivate, but some at GOA are a bit more skeptical of his upcoming transition to the pros.
“Lonzo Ball will probably be a bust,” freshman Kai Ronen said. “Most NBA stars averaged more points in college.”
Ronen’s sentiments were echoed by fellow freshman Jonah Bieber, who acknowledged the NBA has far more talented players than college and high school basketball do.
“The NBA is an incredibly different standard,” Bieber said, “but Lonzo and Lamelo will be able to keep up as long as their dad doesn’t get in the way.”
The Ball brothers’ father, Lavar Ball, has been building up his sons a lot. He believes that Lonzo is one of the greatest basketball players who has ever lived.
“I’ll tell you right now, he’s better than Steph Curry to me,” Ball said.
While Lonzo has his detractors, many people are believing the hype.
“Lonzo Ball is the only Ball brother that will live up to his expectations,” freshman Assaf Arieh said.
As for Liangelo and Lamelo, the jury is still out. Lamelo and Liangelo both play for Chino Hills High School in Chino Hills, CA. Lamelo had 92 points in one game, scoring 41 in the fourth quarter alone and averaged 21.5 points for the season. Liangelo is also a phenomenal scorer, averaging 30.3 points per game.
There are many different opinions on Liangelo because he averages 30.3 points per game but only 1.2 assists per game.
“Liangelo will be the only Ball brother not to bust,” freshman Zece Brown said.
Some, like freshman Logan Biebelberg, don’t see the talent in Liangelo.
“Liangelo will be a bust,” Biebelberg said, adding that even though Liangelo is scoring very well as of now, who knows if he can keep that up.
“All the the Ball brothers should make it to the NBA,” freshman Ethan Landau said, “but since their dad has hyped them up so much they might become busts.”

There is no doubt that all three of the Ball brothers are phenomenal basketball players, but only time will tell if they can live up to their name.


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