June 9, 2017

Trump’s Tweets are Irking GOA Student, Future Voters

David Wingens ’19
In the days following President Donald Trump’s first 100 days in office, he did interviews with a slew of media organizations and rained a series of tweets on the American public – what resulted was an interesting look into the mind of our president.
One of the many statements that President Trump made in these interviews was, “...had Andrew Jackson been a little later you wouldn’t have had the Civil War.” While that may sound like a confused fifth-grade history student about to fail a test on America in the nineteenth century, it was actually the President of the United States.
This was, of course, an erroneous statement.
“Andrew Jackson is actually one of the worst presidents we have ever seen,” Mr. Stern, teacher of AP U.S. History said. “Donald Trump aspires to have the kind of power that Andrew Jackson had, but that cannot be done in our modern age.”
Jackson notoriously overreached his executive authority, which Trump wishes he could do because he has been shut down on multiple occasions by both the courts and Congress.
“Andrew Jackson increased sectional tension in the United States,” junior Aryeh Lande said. He added that Trump may have just “meant that Andrew Jackson had a huge influence on American history.”
Trump went on to defend his statement about Jackson in a tweet reminiscent of his prior comments, with a small addendum signifying that he did indeed know that Jackson was dead at the outset of the Civil War and had been for the previous 16 years.
Students at Golda Och Academy, many of whom will be voting in the next presidential election, are quite critical of both the nonchalant way that Trump approaches his job and his disregard for history.
“What is he trying to distract us from now?” sophomore Theo Deitz-Green said after hearing about Trump’s tweets regarding Jackson. This signifies a larger cynicism surrounding Trump’s presidency, especially his tweeting style.
Sophomore Emily Berger emphasized that Trump’s comments were highly “irrelavant” and that he should not be commenting on such trivial points.
Trump also revealed in one of his interviews that the job was not as relaxed as he had hoped saying, “I thought it [the presidency] would be easier.” He went on to wax nostalgic about his “old life.”
Trump has also recently suggested getting rid of the filibuster, an idea that was immediately shot down by the leadership of both parties.
“[The filibuster] distinguishes the Senate from the House and prevents the tyranny of the majority,” junior Sam Russo said. “It gives the minority some power... and it is overall a good thing.”

Trump’s last ditch attempt to make his first 100 days appear successful have resulted in GOA students, as well as people around the country, expressing uncertainty about their ability to support him in four years.


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