June 9, 2017

Yankees Poised for Another Chip?

Jonah Bieber ‘20

The New York Yankees have a history of winning, but since Derek Jeter, Jorge Posada, Andy Pettitte and Mariano Rivera, all stars on the 2009 World Series winning team were retired by 2014, the Yankees have not appeared to be a World Series caliber team; until this year.
Before this Major League Baseball season, the Yankees were 17th in ESPN’s power rankings. As of now, the Yankees have the fourth best record in the league because of many young sluggers like Gary Sanchez, Aaron Judge and Greg Bird – all under 25 years old – with seasoned veterans like CC Sabathia, Brett Gardner and Matt Holliday. The Yankees as a team are hitting 0.266, exactly the MLB average, but have hit 37 home runs. The Yankees’ home run tally, good for third in the league, is lead by Aaron Judge, who is tied for the most homers in the league with 10.
“This is certainly the year for the Yankees to win a world series,” freshman Logan Biebelberg said. “Their big bats and fast pitching makes them an elite team.”
Furthermore, the Yankees have a fantastic pitching staff. Their total ERA is a second best 3.35. With starters Masahiro Tanaka and Luis Severino and relievers Aroldis Chapman and Dellin Betances, the Yankees are very tough to hit given they all can throw faster than 100 mph.
“Just watching some of the pitchers throw is incredible,”eighth grader Ari Bieber said. “Hitters have such a hard time catching up to Tanaka, Soverino, Chapman, Betancis and the rest of the Yankees pitchers. And if they can catch up, they will always be prepared to throw a nasty slider or breaking ball. They are very tough to hit.”
Because of the Yankees’ success so far, they have been moved up to fourth in ESPN’s power rankings, but New York will face many obstacles this season. They are in the best division in Major League Baseball with four out of the five teams in the top 13 of the power rankings.
“I like the Yankees’ odds this year,” freshman Noah Kamens said. “The Yankees have a lot of young sluggers like Sanches, Bird, Castro and Judge who can really hit. If they keep playing like this, I don't see how they can't win.”
Clearly if the Yankees continue to play the way they are now, they will win a ring, but that is a big if. When the Yankees are hitting well, they can hit as many as five home runs a game, but they can also have games where they will not hit any home runs. For example, Judge has hit 10 home runs in nine games. In those games, the Yankees have gone 9-0. In the games he has not, the Yankees have gone 6-8. Skeptics believe these are the reasons the Yankees might not be able to win the World Series this year.
“I do not believe this is the year the Yankees will win the World Series,” freshman Jake Kroll said. “Though they are hitting very well, some games the Yankees won't hit any home runs, and they will end up losing those games. Also, given they are put in a tough division, that only makes it harder. The Yankees might not even win the division this year because of the Red Sox and Orioles.”
New York has a lot of inexperienced young players, but the positive in that is that they happen to have one of the best minor league systems in the country with so many potential superstars.
“This year doesn't have to be the year,” Kamens said. “The Yankees can give their young guys time to grow, and maybe they will be so good, they will win the pennant four or five years like in the late 70s.”

Whether or not the Yankees win the World Series this year, they are playing phenomenally. The combination of powerful sluggers, heat-packing pitchers, young talents and experienced veterans will make for a great season.


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