January 7, 2018

Aaron Gutterman: GOA’s Actor Extraordinaire

Josh Kalet ‘19

Many students are aware of freshman Aaron Gutterman’s humorous antics around GOA and his love for theater. But not every student knows how deep his love goes.
Gutterman is an active member of the arts at Golda Och Academy. He has participated in three of GOA’s musicals and has been a member of the choir for three years.
Gutterman’s activeness in the arts goes well beyond the doors of GOA. His love of musical performance began before coming to this school.
“I saw Shrek at my old high school and I was like, I could do that,” he said.
From then on, Gutterman’s love of musical theater has only grown, and he performs in more shows each year. This year alone he will be in three shows, the first of which is the Papermill Playhouse’s “Legally Blonde.”
Gutterman, who plays the role of Aaron Schultz in “Legally Blonde,” says that this show is “the most professional production I’ve been in. The work is hard and the hours are long, but it’s worth it in the end.”
In addition to acting in “Legally Blonde,” Gutterman is also currently rehearsing for GOA’s production of “Pippin,” in which he is in the ensemble and the understudy for Lewis, as well as a private production of William Shakespeare’s “Macbeth,” in which he plays King Duncan.
Although he loves being in all of these shows, Gutterman’s workload can be difficult to manage.
“I’m offstage for a good portion of ‘Legally Blonde,’ so I do [my work] then,” he said. “I also do it on the bus. For ‘Pippin,’ it’s a little easier because everybody understands what it’s like being in the show – the rehearsals aren’t too long.”
Tuesdays are easily the hardest days for Gutterman. After a two-to-three hour rehearsal of “Pippin,” he has just enough time to eat dinner before he is off to rehearsal for “Macbeth.”
While it can be hard at times, Gutterman says that when he manages his time correctly, the high school workload is not impossible to deal with. In future years, as the workload increases, Gutterman says that he probably will not be able to take three shows at once.
“Two at a time is the maximum,” he said, “but that’s even pushing it.”

For many high schoolers his age, performing in so many shows at once would be far too stressful and time consuming to be enjoyable. For Gutterman, the stress and time consumption does not have a negative effect on his view of theater. Rather, he says, it is all worth it because theater “makes you forget about everything else.”

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