January 7, 2018

The Importance of Relationships in High School

Danielle Hodes ‘20

During the most confusing four years of a teenagers life, it is crucial to form quality relationships with others, whether it be a best friend, a significant other, or strengthening existing bonds with parents and siblings. The people that teens surround themselves with influence them the most, so it’s important that the relationships they form are meaningful. Relationships experience many stages during high school, but the most important bonds stick it out until the end.
Different relations either strengthen or suffer during high school. Certain bonds are prioritized while others are neglected as teenagers attempt to figure themselves out. Many high schoolers in GOA agree that the most important relationships to maintain during high school are friendships.
Friends can have the biggest impact on a teenagers life.
“Friends are the people you spend the most time with during the day,” junior Shana Slater said.
Many students also believe that good friends lessen high school stress and provide comfort.
“Unlike with parents, you can talk about anything with your friends,” sophomore Sabrina Joseph said. “A good group of friends to take stress away is beneficial in high school.”
Although friendships are strengthened during high school, some students believe their relationships with their siblings have weakened. The age gap between a younger and older sibling can influence their interactions with each other.
“When you’re older you may become closer with your siblings but as of now, the age gap makes it hard,” sophomore Mia Harel said. “We are all at different places in our lives.”
Other students disagree and value these relationships the most. When siblings are closer in age, some students think they become more of a friend that can give advice. With siblings, teens can share information that they wouldn’t normally share with their parents.
“Being closer in age is helpful and it’s not awkward to come to them for advice,” junior Nina Robins said. “My sister is my best friend, she’s a positive influence and I enjoy being compared to her.”
Older siblings can be role models and give advice based on their own experiences.
Maddie Herman agrees, “now that my brothers is in college, we get along better and connect more.”
The most varied relationships in terms of closeness are with parents. Some students believe that their parents are overbearing and pressure them to succeed in school, while others feel that they've gotten closer with their parents.
Sophomore Noa Russo thinks “with all the stresses that high school brings, I've realized how important it is to have a good relationship with my parents” because “they can help me with anything.”
Robins believes that sometimes her parents can push her harder than necessary to do well.

Teens tend to test their most important relationships during high school and the ones that last become the strongest bonds. Friends can be the most influential people in a teens life so it’s important that they are chosen wisely.

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