March 8, 2018

A Grand Revival: Shul of Rock

Ayala Jones ‘19

The revival of the school band, Shul of Rock, seems to have taken the school by storm.
The band made their debut on Wednesday, January 31, during high school Tefillah with their performance of “Stolen Dance” by Milky Chance and “All Time Low” by Jon Bellion. They also took requests from the audience, playing “Make You Feel My Love” by Adele and Leonard Cohen’s “Hallelujah.”
Perhaps most impressive was Shul of Rock’s original and favorite performance piece, “Poets and Archers,” by vocalist and guitarist, senior Matthew Friedman.
“I think that part of the beauty of music is that it’s very multi-faceted and everyone really gains something different from it,” Friedman said. “For me I guess I’d say it’s the connections both to myself and those who listen that kind of serve as a passion.”
Vocalist and guitarist, junior Itai Rekem has similar feelings.
“Playing music is both calming and exciting, which is why it’s one of my favorite hobbies.”
Rekem was first introduced to music through family.
“Since my older brother began taking music lessons before me, he first introduced me to music and I’ve loved it ever since.”
Like Rekem, freshman drummer Rafi Colton-Max was first introduced to music through family.
“My Zaide was a folk singer in Ottawa and was honestly my biggest inspiration when it comes to music,” he said.
As the youngest member of the band, Colton-Max has no trouble running with the big dogs. He has been playing the drums for as long as he can remember.
The boys are proud to take part and perform as a band within the community. When asked what impact they would like to have on Golda Och Academy, the boys agreed upon wanting to add more music to the school.
“Although the Arts department features students’ creative sides, this band allows students with a love for music to take full control over what they want to display, with a more modern feel,” Friedman said.
Piano player and vocalist, junior Josh Kalet hopes that their “band will build a stronger community through music.”

The band plans on performing more covers, and potentially even writing their own songs in the future. They hope to compete in Battle of the Bands as well. However, according to Rekem, their immediate plans for the future are to “keep jamming” and “maybe even woo some ladies.”

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