March 8, 2018

Trump’s Jerusalem Announcement Reveals Strong Ties with Honduras and Guatemala

Jake Kroll ‘20

In early December just before Hanukkah, President Donald Trump announced he would recognize Jerusalem as the capital of Israel. He also announced that he would be moving the United States embassy from Israel’s current capital Tel Aviv to Jerusalem.
In late December, the United Nations voted on whether to agree with Trump. The countries that sided with Trump were Micronesia, Marshall Islands, Togo, Naru and Palau, but the largest countries were American allies, Guatemala and Honduras. They were the only countries in Latin America to support Trump. After the vote, Guatemala showed how much they stood by Trump and decided to move their embassy to Jerusalem. Before the 1980s, the Guatemalan embassy was in Jerusalem. Honduras will probably follow in Guatemala’s footsteps and announce their decision to move their embassy to Jerusalem as well.
After the vote Nikki Haley, U.S. ambassador to the United Nations held a party to thank the countries that voted in favor of moving Israel’s capital to Jerusalem to show their gratitude.
There are numerous reasons why Guatemala and Honduras are siding with Trump. Since Trump is still considering deporting illegal immigrants from Guatemala and Honduras, they want to show their support to Mr. Trump as much as possible. If they get on Trump’s good side, he might not deport all of the illegal immigrants.
“Any chance they can get to earn brownie points, they’re going to do that,” Central America expert at the Open Society Foundations, David Holiday said.
Besides deportation issues, another reason why Guatemala and Honduras are defending Israel is because Israel gave them both military aid. Guatemalan president Jimmy Morales also signed a trade agreement for agriculture and science with Israel in 2016.
Additionally, the President of Honduras, Juan Orlando Hernandez, has a conflict with his election and the United States believes that he is the winner rather than Salvador Nasralla.

Israel is very honored that they were in favor of Trump. “Israeli Parliamentary speaker Yuli Edelstein said on Twitter about President Morales, “Your decision proves that you and your country are true friends of Israel.

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