March 8, 2018

Why The Cleveland Browns Will Win the Super Bowl

Jeremy Liebman ‘21

The Cleveland Browns 2017 season will forever live in infamy as one of the worst seasons in NFL history, as they finished the season 0-16. However, in 2018, they won't just bounce back, they will win the Super Bowl.
This may seem hard to believe because of how dismal their season was this year, but there are many ways that they can and will turn their team around. People around GOA see this as impossible, but there is precedence for it. The Chicago Cubs were a dismal team for a long time and not only turned it all around, but won the World Series in 2016. Surely, the Browns can do the same.
“There's no way the Browns are winning the Super Bowl any time soon,” freshman Michael Lurie said. “They are pretty much cursed.”
This seems like a popular opinion, but new revolutionary ways for the Browns to win have been discussed.
“I've had an epiphany,” sophomore Zece Brown said. “The Browns draft a quarterback and then they play with two quarterbacks standing next to each other. The defense will never know who they will snap it to.”
One of the most pressing issues for the Browns is the lack of a competent quarterback. For years, it has seemed that every quarterback who goes to the Browns ends up being a bust. There are rumors floating around that next season the Browns could get themselves a veteran quarterback, like Kansas City’s Alex Smith or the Redskins’ Kirk Cousins, which would surely solve their quarterback troubles.
Some in the school feel that if these quarterbacks go to the Browns, they too will become busts.
“Any quarterback who plays for the Browns will be terrible,” sophomore Josh Berger said. “It's a curse.”
A major reasons the Browns will dominate next year is how many draft picks they have in the 2018 draft. Not only do they have the first overall pick, they also have the fourth overall pick and three second round draft picks. This gives them room to draft a quarterback, as well as other top prospects. Saquon Barkley is the best prospect in this year's draft class and has even been called the best prospect seen in years. With Barkley going to the Browns as the most likely scenario, the Browns will have two major new cogs in their offense.
The Browns may look bad now, but surely with all their opportunities, they will emerge as a much stronger team and will even win the Super Bowl. Every other team is getting older, but the Browns are the youngest team in the NFL. They are growing and adding new players and next year is their year.

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