April 20, 2018

0 to 1000 Real Quick: Ally Landau’s Historic Milestone

Michael Lurie ‘21

Fourth quarter. Golda Och is winning by a landslide, but the home crowd is still sitting on the edge of their seat, watching number 15. They seem to know she is not far from a milestone. As she launches a rebounded ball back up to the basket, they fall silent.
Ally Landau, the sophomore star of the girls varsity team, recently made Golda Och history as just the second girl in Golda Och history to reach 1,000 career points, behind only Gloria Rothenberg and is the first sophomore ever to do so. This came as “no surprise” to her coach Aaron Briteman or her teammates, as her past two seasons as a Roadrunner have been record-breaking from the start.
As a starter during freshman year, Landau defied all expectations for one of the shortest players on the court by averaging 23.6 points per game and tallying 449 total points on the season. She took the task early on of being a leader both on and off the court, guiding her team to an impressive record and leading them in scoring. From there, her offensive game only improved, with every offensive statistic from last season rising to a whole new level this year.
This year, her points per game have increased to 28.9 and her total points surmount to 606 on the season. Landau has a bright future ahead of her, as she has already destroyed school records at only halfway through her high school career.
Over the course of her career, her defensive stats have improved dramatically, as well. During her first season, she finished with 101 steals, but only 16 blocks on the season. This year however, she finished with 128 steals and an impressive 47 blocks.
“She’s not afraid when she plays against the other teams,” freshman Kira Kress said about her teammate’s increasingly successful defensive performance. Landau continues to be one of the most aggressive players on the court in every aspect of the game.
Landau’s aggressiveness is what led her to reach her milestone. In only 39 games played, she reached and surpassed 1,000 career points.
“Ally has really worked so hard to achieve this goal,” freshman teammate Jessica Moskowitz said, “and all of us are incredibly happy for her and know that she definitely deserves it.”
Even though her personal statistics make her proud, it’s her team’s win that really matters. Her leadership ability has been a key factor in the success of the Roadrunners and helped guide the team to moving up divisions in the coming year.
“Ally is not only a dominant player who takes control of every play,” Moskowitz said, “but she is a team player who cares about the success of her team and teammates.”
Landau said herself that not only the accomplishment made her proud, but the fact her friends were there to see it.

“It was really special because it was one of the first goals of mine that I accomplished in high school,” she said, “and I got to share it with all of my friends.”

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