April 20, 2018

Golda Och Students Take a Day in the Arts

Maddie Herman ‘19

On Thursday, February 8, Golda Och students boarded the bus for an exciting artistic experience.  The day challenged students to go out of their comfort zones, discover new passions and provided them with the opportunity to pursue their interests outside of the school building.   
While the day may seem to have been oriented toward the students involved in the arts, it interested other students, as well.
Junior Ian Rosen noted that, “it was a great experience, even for someone not involved with the arts department."
Fellow junior Ayala Jones echoed Rosen’s sentiments.
“I love exposing myself to new forms of art,” she said, “even though I do not participate in the arts at school.”
Their first stop was the Metropolitan Museum of Art, where students learned about art history and culture. They were given the option to participate in a scavenger hunt around the museum, where they were given riddles leading to certain artworks, or participate in a drawing exercise, which allowed students to sketch pieces throughout the museum.
“The scavenger hunt gave me a greater appreciation for many different architectural styles,” Rosen said.
After the museum, students took a short bus ride to Ben’s Deli, where they met with various arts professionals, including an actress, a director and a finance manager, all while enjoying a tasty meal with friends. They were given the opportunity to ask the professionals questions about their work in the arts.
“The Day in the Arts trip was a great way for GOA arts students to see how their individual interests in the arts can be made into successful professions,” senior Maya Freedman said.
One of the highlights of the trip was seeing “The Play That Goes Wrong” on Broadway. The play is a comedy about a murder mystery. Hilarity ensues when the cast forgets their lines, the set falls apart and more.
Junior Jacob Bier enthusiastically proclaimed  that “The show was one of the most hilarious and thoroughly enjoyable things I have seen in a long time.”
Overall, the Day in the Arts was a huge hit among the students of Golda Och Academy.

“It was such a fun experience that I recommend to every high school student at GOA,” sophomore Danielle Hodes said. “It was an educational opportunity to step outside of the classroom and experience art as opposed to just learning about it.”

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