April 24, 2018

Gun Control Will Not Help Anyone

Rafi Colton-Max ’21

I do not believe there should be increased gun regulations in the United States and that is a controversial viewpoint on a controversial topic. I do not mean to say that I do not accept what happened in Parkland as a tragedy, or that I think that teachers should have guns to combat potential school shootings, I merely believe that increasing gun control will not have any positive outcome.
I am not a Republican, and I cannot stand for the NRA, but I do think that increasing gun control will be an ineffective potential solution to the issue of gun violence.
The main reason I believe this is that I do not believe that gun control stops crime.
If gun control is increased, it will not stop most of the homicides in the United States. Additionally, increasing gun control may not necessarily make it harder for residents of the United States to acquire a gun.
A study was conducted by the Pittsburgh Graduate School of public health who teamed up with the Pittsburgh police department to examine the gun crimes in Pittsburgh from 2008 and they found that in 79% of these cases the guns were either not in the possession of the shooter, or not obtained legally.
What most people don't realize is that it is very easy to acquire a gun illegally. There are thousands of websites on the so called “dark web” that sell guns illegally, and this business is growing at a rapid rate. One site on the dark web that sold many different types of illegal material called "Silk Road 2" was making just about 6 million dollars a month before it was shut down, and it was only one of many similar sites, which are still up and running
The biggest issue I find with gun control in America right now is that it is racially discriminatory. Gun control began as an attempt to keep guns out of the hands of Black Americans.
When the Black Panther Party walked around the streets of California in the 1960s openly carrying guns, breaking no laws, the state of California passed the Mulford Act. This law directly targeted the Black Panthers by prohibited citizens from walking around with loaded firearms.
Even today, gun control has racist undertones. There have been countless instances of people being denied a gun due to their race, ethnicity or gender. Andy Hallinan a gun shop owner in Florida not only would not vend guns to Muslims, but he put a sign on the front of the door on his gunshop that reads “Muslim Free” states the Washington Post in an article from 2015.

While there is no clear-cut solution towards gun violence, protesting the racism of gun control in America and fighting the black market and dark web is the best way to achieve desperately needed change.

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