April 20, 2018

More Than an Israeli Shoe

Maddie Herman ‘19

Whether sported as hiking boots or just stylish shoes, Blundstones immediately evoke Israel – a quarter of Israelis own this practical footwear. Blundstones are a perfect fit for the Israeli climate and are a common sight in Israel. One less familiar aspect of Blundstones is that the shoe does not originate in Israel; rather, it was born in Australia.
Blundstones are almost as significant in Australian culture as Vegemite. They are known for their comfortable fit and durable features, as well as their versatile look. They are extremely multifunctional; they can go from being worn on hiking trip across the appalachian mountains to everyday usage.
Students at Golda Och Academy have partaken in the Israeli-Australian trend, as well. Junior Gideon Fox passionately advocates for necessity of Blundstones.
“They are all-purpose and you can wear them with anything,” he said. “You can wear them hiking and in rain and snow, but you can also wear them when you are just walking around or going to school. They last forever.”
Junior Dena Feldman shares Fox’s love for the shoe.
“They're so versatile. I can wear them as a casual shoe but also as a hiking boot,” she said.
Freshman Hayley Lampert, meanwhile, praised their comfortability and noted “you can wear in any weather and they won’t get dirty.”
Blundstones have even been featured on film, as the company sponsors several film festivals, including the prominent Sundance Film Festival. Many celebrities and actors, such as David Beckham and Ellen Page, can be seen in their favorite foreign footwear both on and off set.
Whether in a Hollywood set, the Australian outback, an Israeli army unit, or even in the halls of Golda Och Academy, Blundstones are perfect for any environment.

“These are the best shoes I own,” junior Stefanie Siegel said. “Everyone needs to buy a pair.”


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