April 20, 2018

The 90s Are Back!

Mia Harel ‘20

It’s time to raid your mother’s closet because 90s fashion has made a major comeback in 2018. Throughout social media you will see today's fashion icons sporting 90s trends. From velvet scrunchies to denim on denim, celebrities have shown us that the 90s definitely do it better.
The 90s was the supermodel era, a time where Cindy Crawford was the most notable supermodel. Decades later her daughter, Kaia, is a world renowned icon, repping the same looks as her mother once did.
As you walk the halls of GOA and look down at the feet of students, the majority of students will be participating in the 90s trend of wearing white sneakers. From Adidas to Nike to Fila to Reebok, students of all genders are sporting the white sneaker trend their parents once wore in high school.
Doc Martens, leather lace-up boots, are another co-ed fashion staple of the 90s which are now sold in every major department store. These boots were a part of the grunge trend that dominated the early-to-mid 90s. The grunge trend included ripped jeans, leather boots, flannels, fishnet socks and tights.  
One of today's biggest trends is the choker necklace. From velvet to beaded to chained to diamond encrusted, chokers are all the rage again. They can be seen on the necks of celebrities walking red carpets to GOA’s very own students.
Oddly enough, “mom jeans,” light-wash jeans which often featured elastic waistbands and pleats and were worn at the navel, have now become the biggest trend of 2018. Today's most influential models including Gigi and Bella Hadid and Kendall Jenner are photographed wearing these jeans, which were previously ostracized from the world of fashion, constantly. While skinny jeans were a necessity in the 2010s it is time to throw them out and stock up on mom jeans.
While denim on denim, otherwise known as the denim tuxedo, was a trend frowned upon for the past 15 years, it is time to embrace it, as the trend has made a return. The phase of having a hard time matching your new favorite jean jacket to your pants has ended, because the perfect match is now denim on denim.
Many GOA students have fallen in love with 90s trends and cant help but to flaunt them themselves.
“I love fashion from the 90s,” sophomore Maddie Herman said. “It’s so unique and creative. Some of my favorite style choices like boyfriend jeans or oversized jean jackets are straight out of the 90s.”
Sophomore Noa Russo also loves incorporating some of these classic trends into her everyday style.
“I am so happy that 90s fashion is making a comeback,” she said. “I absolutely love the styles and oftenly wear denim skirts, mom jeans, chokers and oversized jackets in my day-to-day outfits.”
“Clueless,” one of the most legendary movies of the 90s, was once a fashion inspiration to teens at the time and has begun to inspire today’s teens as well. Clueless’ iconic protagonist Cher and her sidekick Dionne sport plaid ensembles throughout the entire film. They can also be seen sporting silk slip dresses over T-shirts, that has made a major comeback in 2017.  
Recently, fur has also made a tremendous comeback. Fur is being worn on everything from coats, to heels, earrings, hair clips, phone cases, purses and the collars of every sort. You can’t miss this up-and-coming trend. If you’re missing a fur staple in your closet, it is time to go shopping.

These trends return just as quickly as they disappear, so make sure to store your most treasured accessories from last season in a safe place, because they are guaranteed to make an enormous comeback in the near future.

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