April 20, 2018

The Growth and Success of The Flame

Alex Beigelman ‘18 and Aryeh Lande ‘18
Editors-in-Chief Emeritus

GOA’s Class of 2018 left on Neshama on February 18, being the 26th class to take the trip to Poland and Israel to end their high school career. The Class of 2018 was one of the largest grades in recent years with 56 students. This large size has allowed it to form an important role in the school, from the arts to athletics to academics. This year’s graduating class has been able to advance many aspects of GOA student life, but to make these advancements into meaningful changes, the rest of the GOA student body has to fill the void left by the now gone Class of 2018.
At the beginning of our careers with The Flame, we felt that The Flame was plagued by disorganization and a lack of excitement or passion driving students to take part in it. Individually and collectively, we realized this was not how a successful paper should be run and as Co-Editors-in Chief, we stressed the importance of communication and effective outreach. As leaders, we oversaw a major shift in the paper, consisting of the additions of new sections, a diverse staff and a new culture around journalism.
These changes manifested themselves in the expansion of our online section, the creation of a social media account, a new layout, passionate editors and, most importantly, greater interest shown by student readers. With a better atmosphere came fun, quality content that earned The Flame First Place in the American Scholastic Press Association’s 2017 competition. It was a big step for our small, yet mighty paper.
We do not want to sit back and take all the credit for these advances, of course, as previous Editors-In-Chief and Mr. Hefetz, The Flame adviser, played a large role in fostering this new outlook. We believe that having strong leaders who put their hearts into The Flame before anything else creates a successful paper. We have seen the current Editors-in-Chief – Theo Deitz-Green and Sam Lurie – building on our successes already, which gives us great satisfaction.

The Flame, however, is not the only club or activity at GOA. Countless clubs and sports have felt the impact of the Class of 2018 and the passion our classmates have shown in every activity they do. It is imperative that the classes of 2019, 2020 and 2021, as well as all future classes, remember that the vibrant student life seen at GOA today can only be maintained if all students get involved and apply their passions.

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