December 30, 2018

GOA sports are 'sporting' a new look

Jake Kroll ‘20
Since appointing the new upper school principal, Rabbi Goldberg, there have been many improvements at Golda Och Academy. Scheduling, grade scale and Tefillah are all key alterations, but perhaps the most noticeable changes this year have occurred in the Athletics department.
The most obvious new additions to the department sit at center court in the gym – the new Roadrunners logo painted on the basketball court – or in the gym’s office, specifically newly promoted Athletics Director Mr. Kozar.
Kozar, the former varsity baseball coach and junior varsity basketball coach, was promoted to the AD position following Mrs. Herman’s retirement. Although students are excited for Kozar’s expanded role in school, many noted he will be missed as a coach.
“Whenever there is a really hard game, Mr. Kozar has always inspired me or made me take my game to the next level,” junior Ethan Steinberg said.
Kozar said he, too, thinks fondly of those moments.
“I’ll miss all the fun times we had in the JV basketball team,” he said.
Regarding the logo, GOA’s administration and Marketing department felt an update to the Roadrunners’ branding was needed and they wanted to spice things up a little bit and create a more stylish logo.
“We wanted to freshen up our look,” Director of Marketing, Mr. Glenn Slavin said.
Varsity basketball coach Sandy Pyonin, whose name graces the sidelines, also approved of the update.
“It’s a new look,” Pyonin said.
While many feel the school’s sports branding has been modernized, some students are not quite as welcoming of the changes.
“I don’t think there was a reason for us to change the logo,” junior Edden Chirnomas said, “because the other one was cleaner and nicer looking.”
A popular opinion amongst students is that the logo is excessive.
“The new logo is nice, but it doesn’t compare to the old one,” junior Josh Berger said. “The letters are off-center and the logo is way too big.”
As interesting of a change as it may be, students believe it was carried out carelessly.
“The new logo for the gym was a good idea; however, I think the execution of the plan was done poorly,” junior Sabrina Joseph said. “There is still a part of the old logo sticking out, and it appears to be a bit off-center. A new logo was long overdue, however we would have been better off with the old one.”

With such a high percentage involved in our sports program – 70 percent, according to the 2017-18 GOA Sports Yearbook – these changes look to have a major impact for many seasons to come. Whether we are fond of these changes or not, it will be interesting to see these adjustments “play” out.

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