December 30, 2018

New fashion trends defy tradition

Mia Har-El ‘20

As the end of 2018 nears, it’s clear that the biggest trends of the year has been streetwear.

Magazines have been headlining celebrities such as Justin Bieber and Kylie Jenner sporting streetwear everywhere from casual coffee runs to fashions shows. Even high-end fashion designers like Virgil Abloh and Kanye West’s runways are lined with today’s top models strutting streetwear. Off-White, the streetwear brand taking the world of fashion by storm, is known for its graphic t-shirts and hoodies.

As you scroll through Instagram, you will catch some of the internet's most influential style icons repping oversized hoodies, sometimes paired with traditionally fancier items such as high-heeled shoes. Hollywood’s A-listers who were once known for their form fitting, risque outfits are now being recognized for their casual looks in increasingly formal settings.

“Streetwear has come to define and be defined by the fervor with which it is coveted by adoring fans and cunning resellers the world over,” Douglas Brundage of said. “It is a single red thread that extends through youth culture in nearly every major city around the globe.

“It is a bubble at least two decades in the making whose growth shows little sign of slowing. It has evolved from the uniform of skaters, punks and hip-hop heads to a commercial fad powerful enough to upend the fashion industry itself.”

Part of the allure of the Streetwear trend is that it is exclusive, says Danny Parisi for Glossy Magazine.

“[There is an] almost mystically magnetic power that hyped-up streetwear brands can have over people,” he said. “The excitement, the exclusivity and the draw of must-have streetwear drops can have a positive effect on non-streetwear brands that collaborate with the likes of Fragment or Bape. Collaborating with a cool streetwear brand can make an ‘uncool’ brand cool just by the power of association.”

These items can be as simple as a loose t-shirt paired with baggy sweatpants, messy hair and sometimes, a puffer coat. This trend is also co-ed, as both the most fashionable men and women can be found wearing graphic tees in an effort to achieve the ultimate streetwear style.

When pulled off properly, this style is one that definitely has the potential to become even more popular. The look of a loose top simultaneously paired with loose bottoms can be finished with platform sneakers to elongate the legs and avoid looking less raggedy.

The trend of streetwear has introduced an original, edgy look into the world of fashion. If you can pull it off, streetwear is a look worn in order to achieve maximum comfort and style.

Streetwear is definitely a fashion do, but make sure to put yourself together when pairing your favorite hoodie and sweatpant together. Failing to do so will result in looking like you just rolled out of bed.

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