January 30, 2019

A League of Their Own

Jake Kroll ‘20

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Sports is an integral part of Golda Och Academy’s extracurricular activities, but the spirit usually only pertains to the varsity teams. This is degrading to junior varsity players.
It is understood that varsity is more important than JV, but canceling JV practices and games is unfair to these players. As the varsity team is the more skilled and experienced team, the JV teams are still working hard and need to get more recognition.
If GOA is trying to enhance their varsity teams, then the JV players need more time to develop their skills in order to reach their potential and advance to that higher level.
During the 2017-18 JV basketball season, several games were cancelled and never rescheduled. The JV team also didn’t get equal practice time in comparison to the varsity. Without adequate practice and gametime, the JV team’s players will never be able to make a strong enough case for promotion.
JV players hustle and play hard, but are frequently hurt by the fact they are not seen as a real team. This, in turn, affects team morale and even causes players lose the desire to play entirely.
Like basketball, GOA’s lacrosse team has had its issues with JV treatment. Last season, lacrosse was a JV sport without a varsity team even assembled. They hardly earned any recognition from the school. Many of the games were also cancelled eventually leaving them with only one game the entire season. It is absurd that players signed up to play a full season of games but ended up competing in only one game.

It is universally understood that varsity should be getting more recognition, but the fact that the JV teams are being treated completely unequally. What’s more, it requires a relatively simple fix: let the players practice and play.

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